NSX-T vs NSX for vSphere feature parity?

Hi, a question for all NSX guys and girls out there – are there any NSX-V features that are still not available in NSX-T 2.5? I remember NSX-T not supporting third party integration and Cross-vCenter stuff, but can’t seem to find whether this was included in the latest versions. Thanks!

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  1. Non-parity issues I’m aware of:

    1. No OSPF support, BGP only.
    2. Identity firewall doesn’t do domain controller log scraping to do identity to IP mapping on physical machines.
    3. Multi-site is still limited to “multi-site lite” configuration where a single manager/controller cluster is used for multiple sites. They did add automated manager/controller failover in 2.5 but it requires a non-NSX layer 2 extension for the network that the controllers are on, which is insane to me.

    On point 3, Federation was announced at VMworld Europe. I assume it will be in the next major release.

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