NSX-T with vPC

I was in a NSX-T session this morning at vmworld and the VMware guy was saying/showing that vPC (virtual port-channel) is not recommended for NSX upstream connection.

Why? I donot think I understood whatever he was explaining…

So anyone know what could be the reason behind that vPC is not recommended for NSX-T?

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  1. VPC’s are usually used for multiple switches in a stack set, that then make another PC with ports from each switch making up the channel.

    NSX-T edge is not a switch, it’s a routing platform. It joins a virtual switch, and it connected with 1+ ports to a physical switch (Either virtually via ESXi, or bare metal).

    NSX-T’s are meant to be autonomous from each other even within an Edge Cluster so that services can failover entirely between each node.

    To my understanding NSX-T Edges would require a separate Port Channel per device (if you’re using port channel), and do not support a VPC.

  2. Routing with ECMP and scaling out is the way to do high availability and scale – which would be the reason you would do VPC and MLAG. Much easier to maintain/operate if you stay in the layer 3 world.

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