NTP Across Multiple Datacenters

So I have 4 separate Datacenters in vCenter with a total of 12 ESXi hosts:

DC1: Host 1

DC2: Host 2

DC3: Hosts 3 through 4

DC4: Hosts 5 through 12

We have been using our core switch in the primary DC (DC4) as our NTP server, but more and more recently have been finding drift. I would like to switch the NTP servers on each host to a public facing NTP server (pool.ntp.org, most.gov etc) for a little redundancy.

What’s your opinion on doing this the most efficient way possible? I have a script to check the times through powercli, and then was planning on manually setting the time on each one to correct time, and then stop/starting NTP with the new NTP server configs one by one.

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