Older VCSA (v5.5) not connecting, appears that volume is full


In an older pod of legacy VM’s, we have VCSA v5.5 running on some VMWare ESX 5.5 hosts. Recently the VCSA stopped connecting, and this is usually due to a full volume. Usually we SSH in and clear /var/log LDAP logs or something similar.

This time, the root volume was OK. What was full was the POSTGRES volume (df -h –> 0 available). Looking further, I saw that this was because of the /storage/db/vpostgres/pg_log folder was full of logs.

I see there are articles that describe adding another disk and expanding the partition into that new disk, etc … but can I just delete these PG_LOGS ? They go back about 2 years and they’re not purging, and some get pretty big.


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