Opinion asked: Storage replacement advice

For our VMWare cluster we are using 2 HPE Storevirtual 4730’s, in a failover cluster.
There serve 8 VMware hosts, all connected to fiber switches with 10GB SFP cables.
We are using them now for 4 years and are quite happy with them.

Finance dept. wants to know what investments to expect the next year or two.
So, eventhough the StoreVirtuals are working fine for now, we started to look around for a decent replacemnt.
What (and why) would be, in your opinion, a good system for our needs.

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  1. It’s difficult to make particularly nuanced recommendations without knowing more about your current IO profile and workload requirements, but personally, I’d be looking at vSAN (Full disclosure: I’m a VMW employee) and Pure.

  2. Storage Array Vendors – Nimble or Pure (if you workload warrants AFA)

    HCI – Nutanix or vSAN (If your hosts have got a lot of life left in them HCI may be over budget)

    That’s what i’d be looking at. Although i’ve seen some StoreVirtual horror stories the clustering of two units was pretty cool for the price point.

    If it’s just a straight array replacement i’d be looking no further than one of the Hybrid Nimble arrays tbh.

    Engage a partner/VAR and let them help with the sizing etc

  3. Just looking at the quickspecs of the 4730… if you’re still running spinning disks, if you use flash on your replacement, you’ll have much more performance capacity, albeit at the cost of storage capacity. But has already been stated, kind of hard to make recommendations without knowing your current usage profile.

    Presumably, you’ve also done a study on how much data growth you’re expecting over the course of the hardware lifetime…

    But various HCI solutions would probably be the way forward… =)

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