Packer Windows VMware Tools Issue

Having an issue where my Packer build installs VMware tools, but the tools service never starts, thus no IP gets reported to vcenter and the Packer install halts because it can’t get the IP of the new VM. Tried multiple versions of tools, no luck. Anyone else have this issue?

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  1. Current versions of VMware Tools will first install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable version 14.0” if it is missing and require a reboot before continuing the install.

    If you install the Tools manually you will be prompted to reboot after the Redistributable installation so that the Tools can finish installing.

    I wonder if your automated Packer build is failing due to this new-ish behavior. If so, you could have Packer install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable version 14.0” first and reboot before kicking off the VMware Tools installer.

    Just a thought.

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