Passthrough sata drives as RDM, faulty behavior?

Hello, newbie setting up a lab and I had an 8TB hdd that I wanted to keep as ntfs in the event my lab doesn’t pan out and I can just move it over to a baremetal or my own Win10 desktop.

I followed the steps on this site, [https://gist.github.com/Hengjie/1520114890bebe8f805d337af4b3a064](https://gist.github.com/Hengjie/1520114890bebe8f805d337af4b3a064)

And it appears to work fine. I copied a bunch of files from my Win10 machine over to it, then setup in esxi a win2k16 server and attached this as a 2nd drive. I set up plex and started having loading issues. I thought maybe that 1 file was bad, so I copied that old directory again and windows was giving a bunch of errors. I do a uninterruptible copy app and had errors all over. I disconnect and put it back into my desktop, same files erroring out, did a hdd smart check and said all is good. I copy all the files over to it again and put it back into the esxi server.

Same behavior, I try and copy existing folders again as a test and fails/errors all over.

So as another test I just formated it in VMware and set it as 1 big data store and mounted that on to the server. So far no errors, and I keep copying 200gb folders over and over to test and it still seems good.

So is there an inherent risk with the passthrough?

My machine isn’t standard, its a simple dell 7040 and the hdd in question is a new WD red drive.

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