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we are running Windows 10 LSTC 1607 with Horizon View 7.4. From on day to the other, we have Issues with scrolling or when moving windows. Just parts of the screen gets updated with the new screen content or some window content (like buttons) are missing.

an other vdi pool with Windows 10 SAC 1809 is working normally, running on the same Horizon View environment and vSphere Hosts.


we tried


– use view agent 7.6,7.7

– different vdi vm nic types, E1000, E1000E, VMXNET3

– changed the PCoIP Image levels, Framerates, etc

– Different Horizon View Client versions, Linux and Windows on different Hardware


the only thing i see is in the perfmon PCoIP Session General Statistics constant TX Packets Lost. VMware case is still work-in-process..



any ideas?



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