Power saving on a notebook

I have a new Dell Precision 5540 notebook that will typically run 6 hours on a battery charge. It runs on Windows 10 pro x64, has an 8-core i9 processor, 32 gig Ram and a 1 TB SSD.

I do most of my software development work in a VM running Windows 10 x64 (latest VMWare workstation version) and when that VM is running, the battery drains in only 3 hours. I have assigned 4 cores and 8GB Ram to the VM.

Is there any way I can reduce the power consumption of the VM? 3 hours runtime is very limiting while travelling.

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  1. That is hardly a power-efficient configuration in general. 6 hours is impressive for it. But if you’re compiling and recompiling code all the time, you would expect battery life to drop significantly. You could try forcing the host to run on a reduced cpu clock, but that would extend your compile times, so probably not worth it.

    If you have a 4K screen on that thing, dropping to 1080p and reduced brightness would probably be the biggest improvement when you’re travelling and compiling. Other than that, carry a big ass portable power pack. Notebookcheck.net did a review on that system and your runtimes are within their range.

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