powerpath cant isntall

while installing powerpath locally on ESXi 6.0 i am getting this error.

command: esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip

[root@######:/vmfs/volumes/5dcaa269-d407217e-e4ff-5480285310aa] esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip


Could not download from depot at zip:/tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip?index.xml, skipping ((‘zip:/tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip?index.xml’, ”, ‘Error extracting index.xml from /tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip: “There is no item named \’index.xml\’ in the archive”‘))

url = zip:/tmp/PowerPath_VE_6.0_for_VMWARE_vSphere_Install_SW.zip?index.xml

Please refer to the log file for more details.



Any suggestion?

host is in maintenance mode.

host has HP custom image 6.0 u3

tried with absolute path..

tried on local datastore

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  1. Actual VIB depot is most likely inside that zip, you need to unzip it first. But why bother with PowerPath/VE, just use native NPM and enable round robin mode.

  2. Where is your .zip file located? On /tmp or on the datastore? The command only works with absolute path.
    Can you run a df -h to confirm enough space on root partition?

    An other option is to import the file in Update Manager, create an Extension Baseline and patch it with VUM:

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