Powershell to show if a VCloud VM has a snapshot

We are on VCloud Director. I use powercli to connect to the VCloud. I have the following Powershell modules

* List item 11.0.0…. VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud
* List item 11.3.0…. VMware.VimAutomation.Common
* List item 11.3.0…. VMware.VimAutomation.Core11.3.0
* List item 11.2.0…. VMware.VimAutomation.Vds

I can shut down the VM and take a snapshot from poweshell

Connect-CIServer -Server $vcd02 -org $orgArp
$VM = Get-CIVM -Name $server $vm.ExtensionData.Shutdown_Task() $vm.ExtensionData.CreateSnapshot($false,$true,”Snapshot”,”BeforeVMtoolinstall”)

Then in VCloud portal I can see that there is a snapshot. But how can I run a powershell command to show me that the snapshot has been taken of the VM/VApp ?

The command get-snapshot does not work.

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