Powershell UAG deployment not accepting credentials

Yes, this again…

Trying to deploy a UAG via Powershell and getting endlessly prompted for the password. vCenter logs a failed login attempt every time.

Things I have tried:


* administrator@vsphere.local
* vsphere local admin account
* admin account sourced from our AD
* admin account sourced from our AD, with and without DOMAIN\ and/or @ [corp.domain.com](https://corp.domain.com)
* all of the above done with url-encoded characters to escape the special characters
* admin account sourced from our AD after setting the password to have only alphanumeric characters, and trying all the same methods as above
* All of the above with @ and \ escaped with ASCII encoded ovftools-‘safe’ characters
* Every valid-seeming resource path in the ini file I can think of, from the vcsa as the only option all the way down through cluster and host.

I am aware of the ovftools restrictions with special characters and the need to encode or remove them, but this is just ridiculous. I can’t believe that even a fresh admin account with an alphanumeric, ridiculously insecure password still can’t log in.

We are temporarily abandoning the powershell method so we can keep going but I’m beyond frustrated. Any insight? It really feels like the latest deployment script is just broken. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not a powershell guru, so I just deployed it in vCenter using the OVA and it worked fine.

    If think its a pain in the ass now, wait till you get to the certificate config. Fun times….

  2. I had odd issues with the v3.8 uag deployment.
    One day It would not accept my password if i did not include it in plain text within the ini.
    It was maddening.

    I was deploying this uag from within a non-persistent vdi desktop. After I was done with the deployment work that day I logged out and it was refreshed.
    Later deployments were successful. I never found out why.
    My guess is that something was wrong with the ovatool install.

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