Prevent host from exiting maintenance mode after remediation

We are on the latest vCenter and 6.7 U1 on the hosts and going to the latest of 6.7. We put any host in maintenance mode, check compliance and remediate and the host immediately exits MM after it’s done. We don’t want it to do this so we can do firmware on the hw. Any idea how to prevent this? I could understand if I remediated the cluster, but an individual host, that’s a problem.

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  1. I am on 6.7U3 and I don’t see this happening, but I also put my nodes in maintenance mode manually *before* attempting remediation. If remediation is putting them into maintenance mode, then it’s probably pulling them out as well.

    Try doing it manually.

  2. I think it was a bug until 6.7 U2 that no matter what it would exit. U2 and after I found that if you manually put it in MM first it will stay in it after remediation.

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