Printing solution for non-persistent VDI desktops (Horizon View)

We are in the middle stages of our VDI rollout (Horizon View). We have about 500 users across about 12 locations. People travel between locations so we need something that accounts for where they are and maps printers accordingly. Initially we were just redirecting printers from the local PC, however we are now replacing PCs with thin clients and this is becoming an issue.


Location based printing.

I have tested and ultimately decided against location based printing for one primary reason. We have way too many printers and desktop pools to make this manageable by updating the parent images every time something changes. If we could use mapped printers in the thinprint GPO this would be perfect, but it doesn’t allow this.


HP Device manager

We are using HP thin clients. We haven’t done much with the HP device manager yet. If someone has done this using the HP device manager let me know. I’ve read through the admin guide and created a few based rules and templates but haven’t really set this up yet as we only have 10 thin clients currently.



I’m struggling to figure out how to create a GPO that applies to the VDI machine and maps printers based on the location of the local client. The thin clients are not joined to our domain. It seems like the only way to get the IP or hostname of the local client is via the Horizon agent somehow.


We have a budget freeze so anything paid is out of the question unfortunately. I welcome any suggestions or advice.

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  1. Is UEM included in your Horizon licensing? If yes, that SHOULD be able to sense the location and type of machine the user is logging in from and map the correct printer…

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