problematic startup order on CentOS 7

I’m running VMWare 6.0 with CentOS 7 and Apache 2.4.6 as a local dev environment. For convenience, my website files are on my Windows 10 host, in a directory that is shared to the VM via the shared folder settings in VMWare. Auto Mount is set to Yes, and Apache starts automatically on boot.

The issue I’m having is that Apache invariably tries to start *before* the shared folder is mounted. Obviously, it fails; and then I have to manually start Apache, which defeats the purpose of having it start automatically. I need Apache to wait until the shared folder is mounted before starting, but I can’t find any information on how to do that.

Can anyone help? It’s a small thing, but it’s annoying. I’m fairly new to CentOS and Linux in general and learning as I go.

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