PSA: Dell R740 + BIOS 2.4.7 + NVidia Tesla M10 = Boom

Just a quick PSA as I was bitten on multiple hosts today:

If you install the new BIOS 2.4.7 on a Dell R740 (and probably R640 as well) and have a NVidia Tesla M10/M20 installed (for example for VDI acceleration) the system will be stuck in an early boot-loop with error UEFI0256 after that.

You will not be able to downgrade the BIOS in that stage because the system resets before the Lifecycle Manager starts.

The only way to downgrade the BIOS is to temporarily remove the NVidia card, which of course means physical access to the system is needed.

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  1. This whole ordeal was quite frustrating for me, because I tested the BIOS on other R740 before and it was fine, but those systems didn’t have the NVidia card inside.

    Spent half the day inside the drafty datacenter, yanking out servers, fighting with the bulky Tesla cards and manually reflashing the BIOS to 2.3.10 to get them back to business.

  2. We got his with this and they’re replacing the entire Motherboard and Risers on one of our servers. The others haven’t been upgraded / rebooted yet, but you’ve just saved me further headaches trying to track this down. Thank you!

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