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Hi Guys,


I have performance problems with some Published Applications like AutoCAD, Inventor,…

If I try AutoCAD on the same machine with a full desktop I have no problem at all, but using published APPs it´s super laagy.

I tested it with all protocolls (blast,pcoip,rdp) .

I tried several different vGPU Profiles grid_v100-1q – grid_v100-32q

Does anyone have experience with Published Applications and can help me here?


Physical Esxi Server:


Dell Power Edge R740

ESXI 6.7 U3

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6132 CPU @ 2.60GHz

GPU: Nvidia Tesla V100



VMware Horizon 7.10

VMware DEM 9.9


Tested on:


Windows Server 2016

Windows 10 1709


Any help is greatly appreciated

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