Quention: Dowgrading License from Enterprise Plus to Essentials Plus


I am currently in the process of downgrading my Enterprise Plus Environments down to Essentials. I already managed to remove all of the features that we were using and that are not supported under essentials. when I now apply the new Licensekey to the Server the VCenter looses the connection to the ESXi and can only get that back when I apply the Enterprise Plus License again.


Is there a way to get the Enterprise VCenter to talk to the Essentials ESX? Or do I need to take everything offline to apply the new Licenses. Or do I have to build a completely new VCenter?

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  1. Yeah, that works as designed.

    A vCenter with Essentials licensing cannot manage any other hosts than essentials (plus) licensing.
    Moreover, a host with essentials licensing cannot be managed by a vCenter standard.

    So you have to remove everything from the vCenter, change licensing on Host level and add the hosts again.

  2. You will likely have to remove the license from ESXi, remove host from vcenter, add it back in and re apply the essentials plus license.

    I’ve only gone backwards once and I seem to remember a similar issue.

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