Question about Automation SDK and Pyvmomi

Hi everybody:

I’m new with this SDK and I have some questions about how to use it properly. First of all, I have seen on Github that there’s an alternative library called Pyvmomi which can manage vCenters and move accross the object hierarchy defined by the API (vSphere Web Services). I would like to know if it’s possible to access objects the same way Pyvmomi does but with the Automation SDK. I’m asking this because there is some information that cannot be requested by using the provided¬†SDK bindings (for example, VM or host UUID is not retrieved with the Info object).¬†

Thanks for your help.

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  1. “PyVmomi uses vSphere web service APIs which are SOAP based APIs. For more info refer to: https://code.vmware.com/doc/preview?id=4206
    vSphere Automation SDKs (python, java, .net, perl, ruby and REST) uses new version REST based APIs. Some new features like Tagging, Content Library,
    Appliance Management, NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS console APIs are only available through the Automation SDKs. Some existing SOAP based APIs, such as VM lifecycle and VC inventory APIs are also re-designed to support REST.”


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