Quick question – Are 2 x vsphere.local SSO Domains OK?

I’m spinning up a new greenfield 6.7 environment that I will migrated our production hosts to. For simplicity sake I’d like to keep using vsphere.local, same as current prod.

Will having two not connect SSO domains named vsphere.local going to cause any problems? I’ve had my full share of VM issues lately so I certainly do not want to cause another.

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  1. It should not be an issue if the vCenter and PSCs are associated correctly and you’re not blending the environments.

    The vsphere.local is actually a full LDAP environment that runs in a JVM on the PSCs (It is how they do replication, and a bunch of other shit), and long as you don’t have it as a part of your other DNS environments that resolution would be isolated to the PSCs and associated devices (SRM, vCenter, anything that ties directly into the PSC).

  2. Are you moving any components using your old SSO domain over to your new one or is it just your hosts? If you start from scratch and just move hosts to your new vCenter you’re fine

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