Raising VRAM, but it keeps dropping back down.

We are having issues with laggy UI. I have come to the determination that our VRAM is to low. It is currently at 35 MB. I went in and adjusted 20 of our VM’s up to 96 MB and it keeps dropping them back down to 35 MB overnight (not sure exact time-frame or cause). I was wondering if there is a global setting that is causing this?

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  1. Not sure what vram u are talking about. Memory on a vm? The video memory?
    How are u increasing from 35 to 96mb? It may help us determine what u mean.
    Which UI? vcenter, host ui?

  2. You need to change the number of monitors and max resolution settings, in the options for the pool in Horizon – that will always override / reset whatever you’re setting the VM’s to in Virtual Centre.

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