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Definitely look at your AppVolumes managers to start.


Are you sure your managers are configured properly to communicate with the database in an HA configuration? Basic question, but just to cut that one off. The managers must be using the same username/PW or else they will clobber each other.


Are they having trouble finding objects in AD? You would be able to see this in the manager logs. You’d see some timeouts and manager unable to find object <computer name>.


Are you mixing computer and user-based assignments? If so, maybe look to go to all user or all computer. In 2.15 (I believe) this still didn’t work well, and I know it’s against best practices regardless of if it will work or not.


If it’s image based you should be able to look at the agent logs to see if it even attempted to mount the drives.


For your initial question about rebooting. You AppVolumes managers have no impact on CS’s. AppVolumes can be rebooted independently of your CS’s. The best way to get a consistent reboot is to shut down all managers and verify that they are all offline, then bring up one manager and make sure the service is available. Then bring up the rest one at a time.

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