reference architecture for VMware Horizon in a cloud-pod with NSX-V

Our Horizon View Guy just quit. I’m the vSphere guy and I’ve been tasked with completing his project for deploying Horizon View in a Cloud-Pod. I’m looking for a reference architecture for VMware Horizon in a cloud-pod with NSX-V. I’m very capable with vSphere, NSX, and vRealize but I haven’t even logged into the Horizon connection broker before today. This is going to be a fork-lift upgrade from our existing VDI – all the latest and greatest software versions at the enterprise level. We have a datacenter at each of our datacenters and two remote offices. I need to support a total user base of around 3000 users. Desktops will be Windows 10. Client machines will me HP Thin Clients – no remote access. Site A has about 2000 users, Site B has about 1000 users and the ROBO’s have less than 30 users each. The current state of the (new) deployment is a single connection broker and the VM’s pool and template are built and working.

His design drawing is pretty limited… a F5 Global Load balancer in front of two NSX Load Balancers, each of the NSX Load Balancers have two Connection Brokers. The current Desktops from the pool are deploying to a virtual switch on NSX with a DLR Bridge to a vLAN backed port group.

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  1. This would be a great thing to see for me as well. We’re about to venture into the world of NSX and our Horizon-environment is first out of the gate.

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