Remote access to vmware?

How would I remote access and be able to RD into my virtual machine?

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  1. Depends on the VM OS but any remote access that you use on a physical machine will work installed on a VM as long as it is runnnig and can see the internet e.g. VNC, Teamviewer or a VPN and RDC.

  2. I just use teamviewer for remote connecting to my homelab setup. But you could always configure rpd and a vpn if as they would work fine too but would require more setup

  3. I know I’ll get some hate for this…but…
    The way I did this was I created a machine out of old crap I had laying around, popped in a new gig network card and installed my backup scripts, software, splashtop and anydesk, etc on this machine, joined it to the domain, etc. Total cost for the machine was about 30 bucks total. 18 for the 128 gb ssd drive and 10 bucks for the nic. I installed Windows 10 pro, using the Windows 7 pro key without issue. I also popped softether on the machine for VPN off site. I tested that this morning and on a Spectrum upstream of 20mbs, I was hitting 17 mbs on the softether VPN. I open the domain joined machine via splashtop, then open the web browser and go to the esxi web portal / login to do management, etc from remote. I installed splashtop inside of the OS VM, if I need to do anything to the Windows Server, without having to log in to ESXI.

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