Replacement SAN

We have been running a dual-node Openfiler installation as a base for our VMware vSphere 6.7 infrastructure for the past several years. We are looking to move away from Openfiler for various reasons and I’m looking for recommendations on a replacement.

I’m currently talking to the TrueNAS people and getting some quotes for their hardware. Can anyone else recommend anything from:

* Synology
* Stonefly

or any others you have experience with. I’m not looking for sales people to pitch me their offerings. I’m looking for users who have real-world experience with SANs from any of the above vendors (or others). It’s hard to evaluate what’s out there due to vague website data, proprietary software and no price lists for the most part. They all want to ‘engage’ with you and I don’t have the time to make best friends with someone just to find out how much their SAN costs.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Not sure where you are. I love Openfiler but would never use it for prod. We just bought a Nimble HF40 – 200 TB hybrid for about $100K USD with installation services.

  2. I’d suggest a used Nimble Storage from the CSx000 or AFx000 series.
    That’s absolutely the best value and have the benefits of tight vVol integration and predictable performance.

    What’s your budget and capacity need?

    – Synology – Not what I’d recommend for production VM storage. No SLA.
    – QNAP – Likely the same on the lower-end products. There’s likely no production SLA.
    – QSAN – Never encountered in the field
    – Stonefly – I’ve used them for backup appliances. Still Supermicro gear, but I have not pursued their high-availability storage solutions.

    If you want something ZFS-based and a lower-cost alternative to the TrueNAS solution, consider [OSNexus/QuantaStor](https://www.osnexus.com) and a [ZFS/storage engineer](https://serverfault.com/users/13325/ewwhite?tab=profile) to build a nice high-availability storage cluster around it.

  3. How much storage do you need and what is your budget?

    I’m a VAR but I’m US based, so I feel comfortable asking while knowing I can sell you anything.

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