Replication Appliance won’t connect to vCenter after changing certificate

I updated the SSL certificate on our vCenter Server which worked fine. However the connection between that and the vSphere Replication appliance wasn’t working. The docs suggested just doing a quick save and restart from the VAMI to update the expected thumbprint but it always fails to restart the service with the following error

SSLException: Certificate thumbprint mismatch. Expected *old thumbprint* but encountered *new thumbprint*

Is there a manual way to remove or clear the old thumbprint so this might work again? I’ve tried all manner of turning both systems off and on.

This is what i found from vmware that makes it sound very simple but my instance just won’t work. [https://docs.vmware.com/en/vSphere-Replication/8.1/com.vmware.vsphere.replication-admin.doc/GUID-80CC61B6-5AD7-4E77-A056-D388AEC16DD4.html](https://docs.vmware.com/en/vSphere-Replication/8.1/com.vmware.vsphere.replication-admin.doc/GUID-80CC61B6-5AD7-4E77-A056-D388AEC16DD4.html)

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  1. Remove your replication solution user first then do a save and restart.

    If you got to vcenter > administration > users and groups > solution users you will see your solution user for vsphere replication. Remove that then do a save and restart on the replication vami (5480)

    For VDI-Admin, this is probably going to be the same solution with SRM.

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