reset password on 6.7 host without vcenter



this morning i tried logging into one of the hosts at a remote office and it is not working. it is a two host environment so i do not have vcenter installed. i read online the only way to reset this password would be to re-install VMWare is that true? is it as simple as using the booting the host from a thumbdrive with vmware installed? how does reinstalling vmware on top of an existing vmware affect the host? any datastore/vswitch/network changes? what’s weird is my veeam server is able to connect to the server just fine, but keep getting password incorrect when logging in from web interface. i could try a dirty shutdown of the entire host(including vms) but i dont remember if the vms are configured to start with a host bootup.


help! thanks


p.s, in the meantime i am going to use veeam’s quick migration feature to move all of the vms(4) one by one to the other host.

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  1. I believe it is true if you are referring to the “VMware Supported” method of resetting the password. However, there are some instructions out there that you can use to “reset” a forgotten password, but they are not supported and you’ll have to take the host down to do it. Just google it and you’ll see (I believe) a Linux or Unix boot disk you can use to edit files in the system. I know a person that did this, and it worked.


    With that being said, your best bet is to move the VMs as you said and do a reinstall. If you have the ability to move them, you should do this anyway before you start poking around in the file system with other methods.

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