Restore vmware player host to bare bones pc?

Hi Guys,

I have Windows 10 with a Fedora 30 vmware player instance. I have decided to make the transition to Fedora 30. Can I wipe my laptop hard drive and use the virtualmachine as my operating system? After wards I will probably run a virtual of windows 10 using vmware player for linux.

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  1. P2V is common. V2P is pretty much unheard of. I’m sure someone has done it, but that’s what Google is for. It’s probably much less painful to just do a fresh Fedora install.

  2. It’s doable, I’ve done it before with my Plex server running Windows Server 2016

    1. Add a physical drive to the machine
    2. Mount that physical drive directly to the VM
    3. Using clonezilla (mount ISO as usb), you can copy the contents of the virtual drive to the physical drive
    4. Power down the machine and boot off the cloned physical drive
    5. See if it works

    Have fun!

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