RIP Virtually Ghetto

RIP Virtually Ghetto

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  1. I hope it comes back. Such great content that Mr. Lam has put together. I know he frequents this sub. Maybe he can shed some light.

  2. Well that sucks! I hope it’s just a name/rebranding thing. I’ve relied on Virtually Ghetto a lot. He has great information, especially for interesting edge cases I’ve found myself in occasionally.

  3. Guessing it will probably be back under a new name. Like many other tech companies last year, VMware issued new guidance on use of language in documentation, communications/marketing etc. that prohibits using potentially offensive terms like ‘ghetto’.

  4. Well, that sucks. William’s blog was a great resource for vSphere-focused homelabbers.

    Got a VMUG discount thanks to his site, and it was the go-to place for advice running ESXI on NUCs, and (before the fling) the USB NIC VIB.

  5. He wasn’t kidding. Site’s gone & domain name is no longer registered. Doesn’t seem like a path one would take if they wanted to rebrand.

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