RIPOFF events in log

We are running ESX6.7 U2 on a UCS M4/M5 cluster. On some of the M4 blades, we see 100s a day of the following error in the ESX event viewer. The CPU info changes, but they always include the NMI RIPOFF info.

NMI: 696: NMI IPI: RIPOFF(base):RBP:CS [0x1115ae(0x41800f400000):0x451aaa49b460:0xfc8] (Src 0x1, CPU55) (2019-12-02T14:05:02.269Z cpu55:2473324)

I have an open case with Vmware and Cisco, but they are both going no where. The events still occur when there are no vms on the host, so I don’t think it’s related to vms.

Anybody seen these?

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  1. Never have seen those. It would appear as a potential hardware failure or corruption. Have you run a full system health check to see if it reports any failures? Also insure your Cisco systems are up to date. I know years ago they had issues with that appeared as cpu failure but it was just bios updates. Also, do you use the Cisco specific VMware image?

  2. I expect that not to be the only message as it does not really appear that informative really?

    I see it for example mentioned in:

    “Performance on NFS datastores decrease within a couple of days after host reboot (67129)”

    But as you are not stating having any nfs perfornance issues nor PSOD’s described in it, it might not be what you experience.

    The fix for that is in 6.7 U3 (while you run U2) or use the (impactless) workaround :

    “Increase the following host parameter to 32 or 64 (default is 4)

               esxcfg-advcfg -s 32 /SunRPC/MaxConnPerIP

    The value should be bigger than the maximum number of shares mounted from the same IP address.

    Reboot the host after changing the value.

    Note: There is no impact by implementing the above workaround.

    SunRPC.MaxConnPerIP defines the maximum
    number of unique TCP connections that can be opened for a given IP address. Currently VMware set this advanced setting to 4 although a maximum of 128 TCP connections is supported.”

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