Rsyslog in vCenter 6.7U3 (Photon OS) stops working ~10min after starting

Rsyslog in vCenter 6.7U3 (Photon OS) stops working ~10min after starting

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  1. Are your ESXi hosts running 6.7U3? If so, are you getting tons of hardware sensor event messages routed through the vCenter appliance to syslog? That’d cause it to crash. Several of us here were struggling through that issue last week, and VMware finally coughed up a KB article on how to work around it:




  2. I have the same problem. So far I’ve worked around it by installing syslog-ng.

    tdnf install syslog-ng

    Then configure the network loghost in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf

  3. Have you heard anything back from VMware Support at this point? I have a ticket opened, but am awaiting initial contact with VMware.

    We have found that this is an issue on all of our vCenters at 6.7u3.


    -edit: english is hard sometimes.

  4. So, VMware informed me that this will be fixed in the next vCenter release ‘6.7P01’ which will include a newer version of rsyslog ‘rsyslog-8.1907.0-1.ph1.x86_64.rpm’.

    vCenter 6.7 P01 is suspected t be released within the next 2 months.

    For the time being, we manually updated our vCenters.

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