Runaway VMDK on vSAN used all the space

I’ve got a test lab set up so we can learn some fundamentals before jumping in. The goal is to break things, or try to break things and learn limits.

6x towers, 240GB (flash), 256GB (Capacity) per system. 1.5TB total to the vSAN. I’d created a dummy file on a 750GB vmdk in a virtual machine, but it apparently didn’t actually increase space usage on the vSAN, as it was essentially an empty file. I don’t remember setting it to Thin for the system, although I did for the VCSA itself. Insteal, I filled it by copying over data from a datastore I know had 13TB of files on it, so it wouldn’t compress.

I planned on it filling up to the 750GB mark, and it stopping as it’d see the drive as full, but when I came in today, it’s used up 1.36TB. I don’t understand how, as that’s probably 80% larger than the max I’d set, and now I can’t start up the machine without it crashing.

Is there some way to fix this?

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  1. Actually, I think I may have discovered the problem.

    The VM boots up (unlike the first iteration of this), and I noticed it’s only at 102gb out of 749gb. So, 650GB. That basically matches up with the 1300 it’s saying is used.

    It was set to use the default out of the box vSAN configuration, which apparently is set to Thin Provision, and RAID 1. I’ll just create a new policy for RAID 6, and thick.

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