Running a W10 Virtual Machine on W7 for Gaming


So, for various reasons I won’t get into, largely personal experience and not the generic hate bandwagon, I hate Windows 10. I refuse to run it on my personal machine as my daily driver desktop OS. However, there’s a specific game that I wish to play that refuses to run on Windows 7, and runs like crap on my laptop.

So, I am looking to figure out how to run a gaming VM on my main computer so that I can play this game without actually installing W10. I’ve already ordered a R7 3700x to replace my R5 1600 (I’m aware of the difficulties in official support, I know how to work around them), and I will install 64GB of RAM to support the VM when the CPU comes in and will turn on SVM at the same time. Suffice it to say, having the hardware resources and CPU virtualisation support is not a problem.

Is there anything that I should know that will help me make a VM that specialises in gaming? Any specific settings that I will have to tinker with? I know this is a bizarre request, but if it has a chance of working I’ll probably need help making it happen. Thank you.

Edit: It seems like I’m being downvoted, probably because I’m not just running Windows 10. I am being serious here, I would like help, I’m not changing my position, and I’m not sure how downvoting me will change anything.

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  1. So I guess you can install ESXI 6.7 free and pass through some hardware resources to your W10 vm. To pass the GPU to the VM you will need a display adapter for the host machine separate from the adapter you want to pass through to the VM. I’m pretty sure you cannot pass a PCIe device through to a VM and have the host also use it. I have never actually tried that as the only things I have ever done a physical pass through with are NICs and SAS HBAs, and of course once you do that, the device is no longer available to the host.

    I don’t know how awesome it will be, or if it will work very well… but ESXi free is… free? Be a fun experiment.

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