Running VMware inside a cloud service

Is this possible? Long story short my home PC is just blue screening every time I start a virtual machine on VMware and I really need a computer that can handle at least 4 Linux servers at once (at least 8gb ram).

I’ve tried updating my graphics card drivers but still no luck. I’m able to run one or two sometimes but once I start a new one it just blue screens with page fault error. I think my ram is not faulty as it’s only happening in VMware. I’m currently using VMware workstation version 15, but I’ve tried 14 and I’m still having the same issue.

Can someone help me? If I pay for a PC on azure will I be to use VMware (I realize this sounds ironic)?

Are there any alternatives where I can use VMware workstation remotely?
Thanks so much.

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  1. You can run VMware vSphere in Azure or AWS but why not just spin up whatever OS you need in those cloud services and skip the VMware layer.

    Alternatively, build a machine and run a bare metal hypervisor.

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