Samsung NC241 all vms disconnecting

We have been having this weird issue and vmware and networking team can’t seem to figure it out. We have ~100 zero clients NC241 with Tera2 on them. All of the 241 disconnect at the same time and stay disconnect for 10-15 mintues. The VM themselves don’t get turned off. This happens once a day and at random times, mostly between 5-7pm but sometimes earlier. We captured the logs sent them to VM they tell us its a networking issue. Our networking team looked into the issue as well, and they can’t seem to find the issue.

We have a few users with thinpc or horizon clients on their laptops, they don’t experience these disconnects.

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  1. I have approximately 250 NC241s spread across 12 locations accessing VDI via Metro-e. I can’t say that I’ve ever had this issue with PCoIP, but I damn sure have had a nightmare moving new sites over to Blast on Wyse 5060/5070 on ThinOS. Packet captures are a must in this case and I’d be sure to make sure you’ve applied QoS across the stack and edges for PCoIP.

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