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I have installed Windows 10.1903 x64 Pro and use VMware Workstation 15.

I want to try to create VM like Sandbox – after closing are all changes lost.


But here are some Qs:

1. How to install OS and after power-off leave it on VM available, but later changes will be lost? Requires it to install OS while are writes to HDD are saved and after installation change option to loose changes?

2. Will suspending machine still leaving changes and after power-off will be lost?

Both Qs are for to be sure – I have not so much free time to install OS two times…


I have else one Q:

I created dual screen VM with Windows 10.1903 x64 Pro. All works ok, but after reboot I must again to configure displays – I’m doing it by Action Center > Project > Extend and then in Display settings. how to fix it?

But is possible to display secondary screen in separate window? Like second monitor – not beside main screen.

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