Screen goes black upon starting any virtual machine

I’ve seen this issue listed in the knowledge base and forums, but it’s usually for different versions/OSs and the solutions do not appear to be applicable (or I’m missing something).

I am running VMWare Fusion Pro (academic edition) version 10.1.6 on a Mac. I just upgraded from a slightly earlier VMWare Fusion Pro 10 version in an attempt to solve the issue, to no avail.

When I open or close a VM, the screen will usually be visible for a moment. It is also visible in the little pic shown in the main VMWare interface, and it appears that the virtual environments are actually running correctly, because when I open a VM and then click around or do things and then close it, the screen often looks different in that little pic in the VMWare interface. The same problem applies to the four different VMs that I use.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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