Seeking Guidance for vSphere upgrade (from 6.5 to 6.7)

We are in the planning phase of upgrading our vCenter environment. Below is the version information:

* **Current version**: 6.5 U2g – Build 13638625
* **Upgrade to version**: 6.7 U3a – Build 14836122

Here is a breakdown of what we have:

* (2) vCenter Servers (*appliance*) – Enhanced Linked Mode
* (1) external Platform Services Controller (*appliance*)

I’ve found a number of articles/blogs that cover upgrading a single vCenter w/ an external Platform Services Controller and converging to a vCenter w/ an embedded Platform Services Controller.

Meanwhile, I haven’t found much documentation tailored to upgrading two (*or multiple*) vCenters (*currently in Enhanced Linked Mode*) with a single external Platform Services Controller and converging both (*or all*) vCenters to an embedded Platform Services Controller (*configured to Embedded Linked Mode*).

Here is my assumption of the process (*of which I’m seeking to have validated and/or corrected*):

1. Upgrade Platform Services Controller
2. Upgrade vCenter #1
3. Upgrade vCenter #2
4. Converge to embedded Platform Service Controller using GUI Converge Tool via vSphere Client (*which appears to have been introduced in vSphere 6.7 U2*)

Step 4 is where I lose site of the rest of the process. Do I use the same GUI tool/process for both vCenters?

FYI – Because we don’t have a test/dev vSphere environment, I typically try to account for upgrades/patches in my home lab. Unfortunately, I don’t have a multi vCenter setup at home to trial this process out.

With that said, any/all advice is requested. Am I on the right path or way off target?

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I would consider including a step before upgrading your psc, to add a second psc, repoint your second vcenter to that psc, then proceed with the rest of your plan, including convergence following the standard guidance.

    PSC repointing isn’t too difficult and puts you on a “normal” convergence path.

  2. I have just run through this. When it works its quite straightforward. Wont bother you with our issues as they only related to local issues. Basically you…..

    1. On all sites first upgrade the PSC’s to 6.7 using the standard upgrade process. You can leave it here for whatever period of time you need to make sure all is stable.
    2. Upgrade vcenters to 6.7 using the standard upgrade process. I did not bother with migrating any performance data as we have vRops for that. If you dont need the performance data it will save you a significant amount of time during the upgrade and thus less downtime.
    3. Dont worry too much about converging you PSC’s yet, they are just deprecated not unsupported. Wait till you need to converge with the next major upgrade.

  3. Watch the HCL. 6.7 drops gear that is compatible with 6.5 . My current pile of fecal matter near the rotary device is Equallogic SANs. Stuck on 6.5 until priority to move becomes raised.

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