Serial RS232 on ESXI6

hi i do have one esxi6 with several VM inside. i try to connect a modem from zyxel fb u-336s with serial rs232 to the server which is dell power edge R740 .. i tried to add under “edit settings” and “use physical serial port” with dev/chart/serial/uart0 but still not detected when i login to the host.. sorry im totally newbie to VMware things so any advise would be highly appreciated :))

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  1. go with moxa n port series:



    We use a ton of them on customer sites, never get problems, easy to install.


    Basic How To:


    1. Install the NPort Administrator suite on the VM
    2. Configure the Network for the NPort device, make sure it can communicate with the VM
    3. Map the Port on the VM ( like 192,168.10.100 -> COM 3)



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