Side Channel Mitigations warning even after disabling Hyper-V

Long story short, I had recently activated the Windows feature for Hyper-V since I figured I would try it out, and at the same time I upgraded Workstation from 16 to 16.1. I started getting the warning about performance degradation due to side channel mitigations, so I decided to simply remove the Hyper-V feature.

Problem is, I’m still getting the warning. Nothing else has changed, except the upgrade to 16.1 from 16. Could it be that the upgrade changed how the system reacts? Or is it possible that my Workstation hasn’t “realized” that Hyper-V is now removed? To be honest, I wouldn’t care about the warning more than that, but I actually feel like I’m seeing the performance degradation, although that might just be my mind playing tricks on me.

Anyways, any thoughts on a resolution? I know there’s the option to check the box which disables side channel mitigation, but there doesn’t seem to be a global option for this, and each new VM I spin up has the option enabled by default, so this feels like it’s going to be a pain in my butt.

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