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My warehouse is looking for two host to work with DRS
What cheap shared storage can you guys recommend ?
Truth be told we are looking for these virtual machines to not fail ever.

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  1. Cheap and “not fail ever” are never seen in the same sentence together for a reason – you’ll never get it.

    You’ll need at least three hosts, and mirrored storage clusters (or something like Zerto) at the very minimum for HA – and even then, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

  2. ‘cheap’ and ‘not fail ever’ don’t really go together.

    It sounds like you don’t have hosts yet either? I think a lot more details are needed to get a good answer here. The first one is budget – for example if you’re not looking at well over £10K for the system then you can forget DRS – to get that the cheapest vSphere licensing is nearly £5K (Essentials Plus Kit) without any hardware at all.

    When you say ‘not fail ever’, what are they doing? Is there any safety issue, e.g. they control machinery, or is it just that it will be a bit inconvenient if they go down for more than an hour or so?

  3. Nope, not assuming anything – if you look at my post above, you’ll see that I said “might be worth” and “seems like”. There’s no assumption there – just surmising based on the available information.

  4. You could look into using vsan with a two node setup. It will probably fit what you’re asking in terms of cost and will be reasonably fault tolerant – however, like everyone else is saying, the request is really too vague to know if it’s a good fit or not. You will need a third box as a witness for a two node configuration, but it can be something significantly cheaper than your vsan hosts.

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