Simple stupid question that has defeated me until now. What does this icon mean?


As dumb as I feel for not being able to find an answer, I’ve asked the other sysadmin and he didn’t have a clue either. My google-fu has failed me.


We have VMs that handle backups on 6 of 7 hosts as 2 locations. Each cluster has the icon for servers 1 & 2 with that 3 boxes in the upper left hand corner, but server #3 at both locations does not.

The only thing I can think of that’s really special for them all is that they’re set up to always run on those particular servers. (Z-DRVM2 always runs on DR site host 2). It doesn’t appear to be a VMTools thing, as I get the same warning that it’s not up to date on each server.

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  1. thats the V-APP icon….

    from your comment about Z-DRVM…..i assuming you are using ZERTO to replicate your vms. When you setup Zerto it created Vapps for the vms that are dependant on each other for the replication to work.

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