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Hi friendly people =).

I travel a lot and for perhaps 15% of my work I need a beefy GPU (medical data processing). My back is definitely feeling the effects of lugging my laptop and power brick around, and someone suggested looking at a virtual desktop with a GPU.

I found this company [https://www.cloudalize.com/](https://www.cloudalize.com/) but to even try the service I need to front ~120EUR>
– I’m based in the UK, but spend almost 40% time in Europe and another 10% time in the US.

– I understand latency is a big deal in terms of getting a good experience. I’m generally on a good connection (20Mbps + up to 100Mbps)

I’m just wondering if there any specific technologies that are superior to others? I’ve heard of Teradici but find their website confusing in terms of what’s appropriate for me. I am happy to setup my own physical desktop in the UK, or happy to work with a virtual system.

Any advice great appreciated.

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  1. You can do Amazon Workspaces. They have vGPU enabled desktops that you can connect to remotely.

    Current pricing on the site for 8 vCPU, 15 GiB Memory, 1 GPU, 4 GiB Video Memory is $22/month + $1.75/hour.

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