Skyline and US Federal

I’m curious to know if there are any US Federal Support customers using Skyline?

I know that per the white papers, the data is stored on US soil, however is it only accessed by US citizens on US soil?

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  1. If you’re a Fed customer and not just merely curious, this is a question to direct to your account team.

    Pinging /u/vmwareskyline in case the Skyline folks want to chime in.

  2. Yes. If you are a Federal customer, file a case after you get your organization’s account setup and let them know to flag your Skyline data as restricted.

  3. Thanks for the question. As of today, we have over 500 federal, state & local government customers using Skyline out of 7000 customers globally. Skyline is available to federal, state and local customers that do not require US citizen / US soil support yet have at least VMware Production or Premier support. At this time, Skyline does not support federal, state and local customers that require VMware US citizen / US soil support. If you have further questions on Skyline and Federal support please DM us and we will connect offline.

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