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I’ve recently started at a new company that pretty much does not have a DR environment.  I’ll be purchasing hardware and setting it up.  This is a small company with 200 employees.  I just did a hardware refresh in production using Pure Storage and 6 Dell poweredge servers.  3 of those servers give me N+1 for my server environment and 3 give me N+1 for Horizon 7.12 (100 concurrent desktops).

In DR we will buy another Pure array and more poweredge servers.  VM replication will be either via Pure or vSphere replication and SRM.

I’ve been asked to think of ways to keep DR costs down and while I have several ideas I keep going back and forth on one that I wanted to get some input on.


I know this is not best practice and I’ve been running Horizon since 4.6 having never done this, but what about running DR servers and DR Horizon in 1 vcenter?  This would allow me to have 1 less host since I could be N+1 in 1 environment instead of N+1 in 2 environments.   I would not do this in production, but DR?  I’m seriously considering it.  If it matters our production datacenter is QTS so it’s very high quality, not just servers running in one of our offices.


I’d love to hear anyone’s input.

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