Solved: Unified Access Gateway 3.6

Hello folks i am in a hurry


I need the definition on how to configure my External Access to the Horizon Environment.


I have two Unified Access Gateway behind a Load Balancer (F5) configured in SSL Passthrough and redirected the UAG to use port 443 for Tunneled Connections as well Blast Connections. My UAG are not configured on a domain, neither they have public IPs, only IPs on my DMZ. On the load balancer i have an IP on the same DMZ that is DNATed on my firewall.


My doubt here is on how to configure the public certificate:


  • Can i use a single certificate pointing to my external URL? (ex: horizon.company.com)


I am asking this because on the documentaiton it asks about configuring SAN for the two Unified Access Gateway but they are not published to the internet.


Thanks you all

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