SOS: VMWare Workstation does not open at all no matter what I do

The programme will not open at ALL. The shortcut doesn’t work. No application within VMWare Workstation folder will open. Absolutely no response — it’s as if it doesn’t exist on my computer (and it certainly does as I can see all the files on my PC). No matter how many times I reinstall, no matter what drive (C:, D:, E:), no matter what folder/directory (inside or outside of program folders), and no matter what port I use (it won’t accept port 443) it will NOT open. Also no matter what version (I’ve tried version 10, 12, and 14). I’ve also tried with and without a serial key, to no avail. I check task manager and the only thing VM related is VMWare Nat Services (32bit). Furthermore I have absolutely no anti-virus programmes and long ago — and just checked for confirmation — disabled firewall and windows defender.


The crazy thing is, when I first installed VMWare Workstation (Versions 10) it worked just fine, loaded the VM, everything worked fine, etc. It only went to shite when I opened it back up after closing everything some days later to use it and it wouldn’t open. What can I do? Is the port issue? Must it be port 443? When I first installed I still got the “443 is occupied” message and simply made it port 442 and it worked in that singular instance.

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  2. Rt/ click and run as admin?

    also, check for what is currently listening on port 443. There has got to be a conflict there and you need to resolve that.

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