SQL server in vmware, tips??

I’ve read the VMware best practices guide but also really useful tips from blogs,etc. Things like BIOS power settings or not enabling hot plug (since it disables NUMA) , etc.

Here’s a good one that I found to improve performance:


Any other settings you’ve found??

I’m running 6.5

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  1. provide the required hw resources in the vm for the peak usage expected on the database (cpu and ram), no hot add options, use thick provision and best is to keep the db in a separate vmdk file (not together with the OS disk), use flash storage if available/affordable

  2. VMworld had a few sessions on this topic.

    Watch your numa.

    Right-size your cores.

    Reserve your memory.

    Use the VMware scsi bus adapter, not the LSI one.

    Spread your dB, log, and temp files across different scsi bus adapters.

    Lots more.

  3. We run all of our database servers in VMware including some 10TB+ monsters. Follow the VMware guidance though consider your use scenarios on some settings. Hotplug disables numa but depending on how your environment is managed the benefits of being to hot add ram and cpu may be worth it for some workloads that are sensitive to downtime and tend to have unexpected load increases.

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