SRM and DB clusters using multi-writer shared drives

I’ve been trying to find some answers to this, but haven’t been successful as of yet. The powers that be want to add some MS DB clusters to our DR plans. We are using recover point and SRM for our failover solution. Problem is, the virtual DB clusters are a bit older and thus are using a shared drive system. This entails using the paravirtual SCSI controller and Multi-writer. Primary node has all the drives and the secondary is setup to point to all the primary’s existing drives including the witness disk.

The problem I see, is that when this moves in SRM to the DR site, the LUN names will be all different and thus the pointers will not be correct on the secondary node.

I don’t have a lab I can test this in at the moment so I was hoping someone could let me know if I’m right or wrong. If I’m right, does anyone have an elegant solution for a fix or is there only manually removing and re-adding the drives back? I appreciate any assistance.

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