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Hi to all, i´m having a hard time configuring the srm between two vcenter, in one, i am admin, and all is ok, the other i´ve setup the srm and Vsphere Replication Applicance, on VRA all is ok, on SRM i keep getting this error.

Failed to retrieve pairs from extension server at [https://SRMDR:443/drserver/vcdr/vmomi/sdk.Permission](https://SRMDR:443/drserver/vcdr/vmomi/sdk.Permission) to perform this operation was denied.


the owner of the other vcenter dosen´t want to give my user admin rights, but it seems that this only works, as admin, is thist true? anyone had similar problem?


thank you all in advance

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  1. I’m not sure if you need admin on the other vcenter, but you definitely need some of the “extension” permissions, to install and configure extensions for SRM on the target vcenter.

  2. Srm and vra both with all options selected. But for sure something missing on Vcenter 🙁 the admin on recover vcenter is a solution killer, they have multiple clients on their vcenter and admin would have acccess to other clients structure

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